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How to Immerse Yourself in PC Audio

Many people use their PC or laptop both for gaming and media consumption. One concern is that while displays have been getting better and better, the same cannot always be said for computer speakers. Upgraded speakers can go a long way toward improving your experience.

What Does Point One Mean?

Anyone comparing speaker systems will see them described as 2.1, 3.1, or 5.1 and some may wonder what that means. In general, the number before the period refers to the number of drivers, while the number after the period refers to the number of subwoofers present.

  • 2.1: With two satellite speakers and one subwoofer, this is the simplest setup for stereo sound with enhanced bass. Just place the drivers flanking your screen and the sub anywhere it might fit.
  • 3.1: This setup adds a center channel for better media support. The center carries the dialogue in most movies so separating it out makes it easier to hear what's being said.
  • 5.1: With 5.1 you get the full surround experience with immersive sound coming from all directions. It's a huge step up from entry-level PC speakers and helps gamers gain a better feeling for their surroundings because they can hear enemies coming up from behind more easily.

What Can Klipsch Do for You?

A set of ProMedia 5.1 speakers can convert your home PC into an audio powerhouse. These computer speaker systems include an integrated amplifier and aim to improve everything from gaming to music. Klipsch made three different 5.1 PC systems:

  • ProMedia 5.1: This THX-certified system introduced five-speaker audio to the line and is still popular with many audiophiles. A separate module provided easy access to volume controls.
  • ProMedia Ultra 5.1: Stepping up to the Ultra gives you a 500-Watt amp, dual side-firing 8-inch woofers, and mid-bass drivers. It makes a great home theater solution.
  • ProMedia GMX D-5.1: Built for gamers, this system supports both Dolby audio and multiple inputs for different game consoles. 

Understanding PC Audio

One difference between PC speakers and other drivers is that they almost all come with a built-in amp. This is because they plug into the headphone jack on the soundcard which does not provide the power to drive any bigger cones than those found in a pair of headphones. That also means that unlike the towers that may flank your Hi-Fi, these units all require a separate transformer to supply power to the drivers. This provides superior sound and keeps interference outside the chassis of your PC. It may not matter for listening to the odd newscast on websites, but your overall sound experience is only ever going to be as good as your speakers can provide.