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L.L.Bean Sweaters for Women

Founded in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean, L.L.Bean is a company that specializes in clothing for outdoor situations. The L.L.Bean sweaters for women come in a wide range of styles, from fleece pullovers to cotton cardigans.

What are the L.L.Bean sweater styles for women?
  • Classic: These knits tend to have a pullover design with either a crew neck or a V neck. Some may have a turtleneck, and there are long sleeve and short sleeve versions.
  • Cardigan: Cardigan sweaters button down the front and have full sleeves or three-quarter sleeves.
  • Pullover jacket: These sweaters have a short zip to fasten the neck after you pull them over your head.
  • Hooded: The hooded sweaters look like a knit version of a hoodie. Many styles lace at the neck.
  • Open front: These drapey designs do not button or zip to close.
What does L.L.Bean make their sweaters with?

The company's sweaters are made from many different materials that all have different uses.

  • Cotton: Cotton is a breathable material, and it is easily dyed in bright colors.
  • Wool: Classic wool can be used for knit designs like cable knit, and it is warm.
  • Cashmere: Cashmere sweaters use a smooth type of wool made from goats.
  • Fleece: Made from polyester and other synthetic fibers, fleece has a fuzzy texture.
What sizes do L.L.Bean sweaters for women come in?

The brand has standard, petite, and plus sizes for their women's sweaters, and they sell items in a range of XS to 3X.

  • X-Small: Equal to a U.S. women's size two or four, this fits those with a chest measurement of 33 to 34 inches.
  • Small: The small fits women with a chest measurement of 35 to 36 inches, and it is equivalent to a size six or eight.
  • Medium: Women who wear a U.S. 10 or 12 or have a chest measurement of 37 to 38 inches can fit in a medium.
  • Large: A large at the company fits women who have a chest measurement of 40 to 41 inches. It is equivalent to a U.S. size 14 or 16.
  • X-Large: The X-Large is equal to a U.S. 18 or 20. It fits those with a chest measurement of 43 to 45 inches.
  • Petites: The petite sweaters follow the same chest measurements as the regular sizing, but the sleeves are a few inches shorter to accommodate those with shorter arms.
  • Plus: These are for women who wear a size 1X, 2X, or 3X and have a chest measurement of 45 to 53 inches.
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