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Which Parts Are Needed for LG Smartphones?

Using a smartphone requires periodic maintenance, which means that over time, certain parts might require replacement or repair to extend the lifespan of your phone and keep it running properly. These spare parts range from exterior to interior components and require the proper parts as well as the right tools for a successful replacement.

What Do You Need to Repair the Digitizer?

The digitizer is the glass portion of your mobile phone that covers the LCD screen and is typically one of the most commonly replaced components of any smartphone. To replace a cracked or broken digitizer, you'll need the right parts, which you can purchase separately or included as part of a screen digitizer assembly.

  • You'll need the touchscreen digitizer itself in addition to the LCD screen display if both portions are broken or damaged. 
  • The frame that goes around the front bezel and attaches to the screen components is a requirement for repair. You'll need to ensure that you get the proper parts for your exact LG model, such as the Optimus or the Nexus, so the parts fit properly.
  • You'll likely also need to purchase tools for repair. These include special tools made to work on a cell phone, such as small screwdrivers and screw heads, as well as pry tools that make it a breeze to separate parts from each other during routine repairs, such as the screen from the frame.

Which Exterior Phone Parts May Need Replacement?

Though interior components often need repair, there are numerous types of exterior parts that require replacement over time as well.

  • Your LG phone's rear camera lens cover may need to be replaced. Distinct types of lens covers fit specific models, so make sure to shop carefully for this part. This may include the bezel frame cover or the cover and the lens itself. These are typically adhered to the phone with a strong adhesive.
  • Sometimes your mobile phone's home button requires replacement. This small part attaches to a flex cable, and with the right parts, installation is painless and doesn't require professional help.
  • The charging port where your phone's charger connects to your cell phone may wear out or break, and this repair requires pry tools and a small screwdriver, as well as a replacement flex cable.

When Should I Replace the Battery?

Your mobile phone simply wouldn't work without one of the most important parts: the battery. As the phone's power center, it juices up your device, and when this part needs repair or replacement, it can improve not only the battery life of your cell phone but also its performance as well. Fortunately, there are a few hints to let you know when it's time for replacement.

  • Your smartphone is running slower than normal. If you notice the tasks you normally complete are taking more time than normal, it could mean that your battery is wearing out.
  • Your smartphone no longer holds a charge. You may notice you need to plug your device in more than you normally do, and one charge doesn't last as long as it used to. 
  • Sometimes a sign of a weak battery is that your smartphone shuts off by itself.

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