Everything You Need to Know About Lawn Mower Sod Cutters

Sod cutters allow you to maintain a healthy, vigorous lawn. These landscaping products may also be used to maintain the greens at a golf course and for other commercial enterprises. On eBay, you can find a variety of lawn mower turf cutters in new and used condition and at a variety of price points.

What are some of the features of the sod cutters?

Some of the features of these landscaping products include:

  • Gas-powered engines: The engines deliver 3.5 to 8 horsepower for ease of use when driving or pushing them through thick soil.
  • Stainless steel: The cutting mechanism and other parts that come into contact with turf and the soil are constructed from stainless steel for durability.
  • Ergonomic handles: The manually powered and push turf cutters have ergonomically designed handles. The driving sod-cutting mowers have ergonomically designed gear shifters and dashboards.
  • Anti-slip surface: The riding units have an anti-slip coating on the floor and pedals for safety and convenience.
What is the depth and width the equipment can cut?

These machines can chop turf at a depth of 4 to 8 inches. This allows you to get the roots of the grass along with the part that is above the soil. The width capacity of the blades ranges from 12 to 18 inches.

What are the types of affordable turf mower sod cutters?

The available types include:

  • Riding: This functions like a riding mower. It has a seat, and you drive it in order to cut the turf.
  • Push: This has a motor, and you stand behind it and push it in order to cut the sod.
  • Manual: This type has no motor, and you use your body power to cut pieces of turf.
How do you choose one of these landscape machines?

When you are shopping for sod-cutting equipment on eBay, consider these things when making your selection:

  • Powered or manual: There are machines with engines and tools that operate manually.
  • Condition: Choose from new, manufacturers refurbished, or used landscaping products for turf on eBay.
  • Blade size: When cutting a lot of turf, you may prefer a large blade size. For small projects, a smaller blade size may be sufficient.
  • Brand: Some of the available brands of these landscaping cutters on eBay include AYP, Billy Goat, Husqvarna, and Ransomes.