Leather Club Chair Chairs

Get Comfortable in a Leather Club Chair

When youve had a long, busy day, it can feel good to put down your things and settle down into a comfortable chair. Leather club chairs are known for being classic pieces of decor. There are different sizes and styles of these types of club chairs available on eBay at a wide range of prices.

What are the basic design elements of these pieces?

These pieces of furniture have thick, substantial armrests, relatively low seats, and cushioned, supportive backs. Some accent chairs have more rounded features, and they could even have tufted backs. Others that have an art deco or contemporary look have straight lines and rectangular features.

The legs and feet could be barely visible under the frame, or they could have a few inches showing. In that case, a more ornate foot could have its own decoration, with curves and patterns carved into the wood.

Whats the difference between full grain and top grain leather?

Full grain leather is made from the top layer of the animal hide and has all of the natural grain included in it. There will be natural blemishes and marks included in the material, which is relatively thick and strong while being somewhat breathable.

Top grain leather is similar except it doesnt have the top layer of the hide. As a result, top grain material is a bit thinner. This makes it easier to work with in terms of construction. Often, the material is imprinted with a design that mimics the natural grain to give it a natural, uniform look.

Are there any other decorative elements to consider?

While it is fairly standard to find leather club chairs that are one basic color, there could be other elements incorporated into the design. For example, you can find an affordable leather club chair on eBay with:

  • Trim: Whether nail heads or rivets are used, they can add visual interest to the front of an accent chair. Often, this type of trim is placed along the front of the arm rests or along the base of the chair.
  • Extra width: An extra wide armchair could be a comfortable place to curl up with a blanket, or it could provide room for two.
  • High backs: An upholstered leather back that extends above the head could add elegance and formality to a living room or office.