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The Different Types of Lenovo Laptops

Lenovo is known for high-quality laptops with beautiful, durable designs and long battery lives. Common features include HDMI ports, anti-glare screens, and spill-proof keyboards. You can find the right model for whatever your needs are, whether you're a serious gamer, casual gamer, student, working professional, or a home user. Lenovo has different product series to meet these differing needs.

What operating systems can you use on Lenovo laptops?

You can use Windows, Chrome OS or Linux on these laptops. Some Lenovo Chromebook laptops allow you to choose between Chrome OS and Linux. Check the manufacturer's description to know what operating systems you can use for a specific model.

Can Lenovo laptops play games?

As confirmed by Laptops Geek, Lenovo makes several models that are suitable for playing games. Options include the Legion Y920, Y700, Ideapad Y700, and Legion Y720. Legion laptops have a 7th Gen Intel Core processor and a PCIe SSD. These laptops can handle demanding games like Overwatch. The keyboard features backlighting if you sometimes play in a dark room. Some of Lenovo's gaming laptops, such as the Legion Y720 and Legion Y920, have a programmable keyboard — a desirable feature for serious gamers.

What are the other types of Lenovo laptops available?

The major product series are ThinkPad, IdeaPad, Yoga, Yogabook, and Legion. Lenovo has several models with highly durable constructions. ThinkPad laptops are designed to withstand the occasional accidental bump or small fall. Some ThinkPad laptops, as well as other Lenovo laptops, also feature a spill-proof feature. If you ever have a drink sitting near your computer, you'll like having the extra reassurance. Some ThinkPad laptops have fingerprint security. You can log in to the computer with a fingerprint scan, eliminating the need for a password.

Most IdeaPad laptops are designed for basic home use needs like surfing the web, typing documents and watching videos. If you want to edit videos, choose from the IdeaPad 700 Series. Lenovo Y Series laptops can be used for playing most games but not at the highest settings, so they are good for casual gamers.

Lenovo Yoga laptops feature touchscreens and keyboards you can adjust 360 degrees. You can use them like tablets. Lenovo Yoga Books are a combination of a laptop, notebook, and tablet. They don't have a physical keyboard, but a keyboard displays on the touchscreen when you need to type. You can also place a sheet of paper on the keyboard area and write with the included stylus.

What's the difference between refurbished and open box Lenovo laptops?

You may see some laptops in open box conditions and others as refurbished. An open box laptop means it might not come with the original package. A refurbished Lenovo laptop has been restored by the manufacturer. Lenovo provides certifications to give you reassurance your laptop was refurbished by them. These laptops have been repaired, cleaned, and inspected.

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