Litter-Robot Cat Litter Boxes

Litter Robot Cat Litter Boxes

Having cats can be a lot of fun, and they make wonderful pets, but cleaning out the litter box is one task that isnt quite as much fun. With the Litter Robot from Automated Pet Care Products, most of the issues related to cleaning up their waste are eliminated. This self-cleaning litter box makes it so that you don’t have to go through the daily work of emptying cat waste.

How does the Litter Robot litter box work?

The device is a self-cleaning box, meaning that it scoops waste and cleans the litter automatically. An advanced sensor can also distinguish between small and large cats. This sensor detects when a pet enters the open chamber and takes care of business. After the cat leaves the box, the unit waits a few minutes while waste clumps in the litter. Its internal mechanics then sift through the clumps and runs them through a carbon filter. Afterward, the waste is deposited in a receptacle that only needs to be emptied periodically. Conveniently, this receptacle accepts standard garbage bags so that owners don’t have to buy special ones.

Furthermore, the device doesn’t need special kinds of litter. It accepts the same kind of litter used in a standard litter box. With its automated cleaning functions, the unit will also make sure that your litter lasts longer. While it can be plugged into a household outlet, the Litter Robot also comes with a battery backup. This makes it so that if the power goes out, cats can continue to use the device for up to two days.

What makes a Litter Robot litter box different?

The Litter Robot has a multitude of benefits that make it more desirable than a normal litter box. It features a large chamber that can accommodate both small and large cats. This litter box can also support multiple cats. A normal box can quickly get dirty if left unattended, but this isn’t the case with the Litter Robot. Furthermore, as many cat owners will attest, cleaning up after granules get spread everywhere isn’t pleasant. This device helps to ensure that litter stays off the floor and inside the chamber.

How does Litter Robot simplify the litter box cleaning process?

A series of automated functions are also available that save a lot of time for cat owners. If the Litter Robot is full, the device will tell you to clean it via a blue light. This negates the need to check the litter box constantly and keeps owners from being subjected to unpleasant odors. For the benefit of older pets, a night light can also be set to turn on automatically.

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