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Spark Imagination With a Little Tykes Playhouse for Kids

Playing house is a timeless way for kids to be creative and express their imagination. Not only does a Little Tikes playhouse encourage your children to have fun outdoors, but little ones can keep themselves entertained for hours as they dream up pretend scenarios. Whether simple or filled with extra accessories and features, outdoor playhouses are a great choice for toddlers and preschoolers because kids thrive in an open-ended play environment.

What are some common styles of Little Tikes playhouses?

Young children are drawn to toys that resemble the items adults use. Little Tikes tries to capture this experience by creating molded details that mimic common houses and other familiar structures, such as a castle. Cabin and cottage-style playhouses are among the most classic styles because they're simple in shape with open windows and enough play space for multiple children. The most basic designs don't usually come with accessories and are geared towards letting children guide their roleplaying activities.

Choose playhouses with expanded features, such as a play garden or patio seating, if you want more tactile objects for children to explore. The Little Tikes Build-a-House model even has interchangeable wall panels, so your child can pretend to design and build a house.

What can you consider when choosing an outdoor playhouse?

Think about the type of play experience you want to offer your child before you invest in a novelty playhouse. Here are factors to consider:

  • Family size: How many children do you have? Small playhouses are meant to accommodate two to three young children, and you will likely have other children visiting from time to time. You may prefer a larger model with more open interior space if multiple kids will be using the playhouse on a regular basis. Playhouses that have indoor and outdoor features also allow children to spread out and play with different elements at the same time.
  • Age: How old are your children? Leaving room for your child to grow will make your investment more cost-efficient in the long run.
Tips for buying a used Little Tikes playhouse

While wooden playhouses are often modular and customizable, plastic models are meant to be simple and used as-is right out of the box. New plastic playhouses are typically low in cost when they're brand new, so you're less likely to find steep discounts on used or open-box models.

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