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Choosing Your Perfect lululemon Backpack on eBay

Whether you need a backpack for college courses, a comfortable hiking bag, or just something to take to yoga, lululemon backpacks for women offer plenty of stylish options. And if you want to save money while browsing a huge selection, eBay might just be where you want to purchase yours. Here's some information so you know what to look for to find your ideal backpack.

From college to commuter: lululemon backpack models

One of the features setting lululemon backpacks for women apart is the range in styles. Each model is suited for a different activity or purpose--hiking models make it easier to pack water bottles, trail mix, and more, while college versions have plenty of space for laptops and textbooks. These are the major models of lululemon backpacks for women everywhere that you can find on eBay:

  • City Adventurer: Designed for urban use, this is also a great all-day backpack. It even has an extra pocket for sweaty workout gear.
  • Urbanite: Taking its inspiration from canvas-flap backpacks, this stylish bookbag also makes theft somewhat difficult.
  • Everywhere: This is a multipurpose bag that works especially well for college use.
  • Run All Day: This backpack has wide, non-slip straps, making it comfortable and easy to run with.
  • Crew: This all-purpose backpack is built for extra heavy-duty.
Which color backpack is right for you?

The lululemon brand is famous for its unique colors, and lululemon backpacks for women, such as City Adventurer and other models are no exception. Here are some of the available colors you may find:

  • Classic neutrals: Black, shades of slate gray, and brown are some of the classic neutral colors you will find during your search.
  • Seawheeze: This eye-catching pattern involves black, white, and deep purple swirls.
  • Floral: You will find a range of lululemon floral prints available in attractive monochromes.
  • Bright solids: For a pop of color in your wardrobe, consider adding a bright lululemon backpack.
Buying new versus used lululemon backpacks

As you shop lululemon backpacks for women, you'll find that many sale offerings are listed in used condition. While you may prefer new backpacks, the quality of lululemon backpacks is good enough to withstand significant wear. Before buying used, be sure to look into these things:

  • General wear: Check to see how much the backpack has been used; many like-new or mint condition listings will emphasize this.
  • Zipper condition: Check pictures and read listings to make sure all zippers are functional.
  • Color: Check all photos carefully for signs of stains or fading.
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