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Machine Embroidery Patterns

Machine embroidery is a process of using a specialized type of sewing machine and computerized software that controls how the machine performs the stitches. Machine embroidery allows you to do complicated projects in a short amount of time. With the machine embroidery system stitching the projects for you, there could be more free time in your schedule to do more arts and crafts projects.

What are the features of machine embroidery designs?
  • Multiple design formats: Machine embroidery design software typically comes in one or more formats for the embroidery machine. Some of the machine embroidery design formats are proprietary and work in just one type of system, while others have functionality across multiple brands of embroidery equipment.
  • Branded designs: Many embroidery designs feature trademarked or licensed characters, such as Hello Kitty, cartoon characters, and other proprietary work by well-known embroidery designers.
  • Three-dimensional effects: Some embroidery designs have three-dimensional effects, such as floral designs that look like the center of the flower is popping out of the fabric. These special effects are accomplished by using different stitch types in the embroidery design.
How do you choose a pattern for machine embroidery?
  • Choose the software format: Be sure to choose a machine embroidery design format that is compatible with your equipment. Some of the patterns work on multiple types of embroidery systems, while others are designed specifically for one brand of equipment.
  • Select a theme: There are many themes for the embroidery pattern designs, such as baby, flower, animal, Victorian, scrolls, or paisleys. Some baby patterns look more abstract, while other patterns are more detailed or realistic.
  • Choose edits or embellishments to the embroidery design: You may wish to add some personalized design elements to the embroidery pattern. For example, if you are making a quilt for a baby, you might want to stitch the baby's name into the machine embroidery design. You might also wish to include lettering or rotate the orientation of the embroidery design by 90 or 180 degrees for your specific project.
How do you use machine embroidery patterns?

The embroidery pattern is software loaded into the equipment with a disk or thumb drive. Through the equipment's interface, you can set up how you want the design to be sewn onto. The interface may also allow you to personalize the design with letters, numbers, or a change in the orientation.

You will also use the pattern's interface to enter the type of fabric that you want to have embroidered. Most fabrics will accept embroidery performed by design equipment. If you want to use a slippery fabric for embroidering a design, you will need a hoop and a second fabric to stabilize the slippery material.

Before the design is embroidered, you will need to layer the two fabrics into the hoop and secure the hoop closed with its metal screw and nut. The hoop helps to keep the slippery fabric in place while the floral, baby, or other type of design is stitched.