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Explore Your Creativity With Macramé Kits

With a macramé kit, you get to experiment with different knotting and weaving methods. In addition to being a fun craft, it also lets you create functional items like plant holders, wish-catchers, wall hangings, and more. You can craft items for your family or choose to sell them. There are kits at all difficulty levels, ranging from beginner's kits to expert ones.

What items do you need in a good macramé kit?

The essentials you need in any macramé kit are usually instructions to make the project and yarn or rope to follow the instructions with. However, some other things you may want to look for in a macramé kit include:

  • Embroidery needles or crochet hooks to finish work
  • Beads or sequins to decorate your work
  • Boards or frames to help hold work while knotting
  • Pins for holding work in place
  • Scissors and measuring tapes
What kinds of cords can you find for a macramé kit?

Of course, most macramé kits will come with a cord already, but you can still use different cords from the kit if you would prefer a different style or if the kit no longer contains a cord. The key to finding the right cordage for a kit is looking closely at the instructions. Make sure you pick a cord the same width as the original instructions if you want your product to be the same size. However, you can use a smaller or larger cord to switch up the size of the original kit. You may also want to consider the texture and stiffness of the rope. Getting a cord with a similar fiber type and twisted style as the original kit will make it easier to follow the macramé kit since some knots may not be possible with certain types of rope.

Are there vintage vs. modern macramé kits?

Macramé is a cordage art that has been around for centuries, so you can find many kits that are decades old. Macramé exploded in popularity in the 1970s, so most vintage kits are from the 1970s or later. When you get a vintage kit, you have access to older styles. Vintage designs were especially popular for macramé clothes, wall hangings, and plant holders. Using one of these vintage kits can be a fun way to explore the past or make a macramé project with a nostalgic feel. Just keep in mind that vintage products may potentially have wear and tear, so if you want something that looks brand-new, a modern kit might be right for you.