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Understanding Macramé Tools & Accessories

Macrame is a great choice for new crafters because you do not need to invest in piles of paraphernalia right away. Instead, a few simple tools and accessories can help you create effective and stylish projects. This guide will explain all the essentials of selecting and working with popular macrame tools.

How do you select a macrame cord?

There are several factors you need to consider when deciding on a cord for a project:

  • Thickness: Generally, cords about 4 millimeters in diameter are a versatile size that work for all sorts of projects. However, you may want to pick a thickness of around 2 millimeters for jewelry or chunky cord of around 10 millimeters for wall hangings.
  • Material: All natural fibers like hemp or jute provide a traditional look, but synthetics like nylon or rayon can be easier to work with.
  • Structure: The way a cord is constructed affects how it works for macrame. Braided cord like the type made by Bonnie Braid is less likely to unwind, but twisted strands like those produced by Maxi-cord have a smoother look.
  • Length: Generally you need about four to six times as much cord as the length of your finished project.
Do you need tools besides cord and patterns?

To make a macrame piece, technically, you don't need anything more than string. However, other accessories can make your job a lot easier and speed up your knitting. Here are some other tools to consider adding to your macrame kit.

  • Pins: Metal pins can help hold your knotwork in place when you are working with looser patterns.
  • Boards: A notched board makes it easy to keep your macrame even.
  • Metal finishing pieces: Hooks and buckles can be incorporated into designs like hangers and jewelry.
  • Rings: Rings are often used to add structure to circular pieces like dream catchers or plant holders.
  • Color: Soft neutrals like white, cream, and beige are the most traditional colors, but you can also find cord dyed in all sorts of vibrant shades.
What do you look for in macrame beads?

The first thing to consider when selecting macrame beads is the size of the hole. You always need to make sure the bead has a large enough hole to fit the size of cord you are using. Next, you need to make sure the beads will complement your project. Pick a color that coordinates nicely with your cord, and choose a bead style that matches the patterns you are working with.

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