Marineland Aquarium Filters

Aquarium filters are important to keeping your tank healthy. When you have an aquarium, the water must be filtered on a regular basis. Knowing about the options will allow you to choose a filter from Marineland.

Why are aquarium filters important?

Filters will clean out everything from excess food to dangerous chemicals. If the waste excreted by the fish is not removed regularly, it will lead to a buildup of toxins in the tank. It could then cause ammonia stress, which is fatal to fish. The decaying food and other particulate matter can also create a cloudy tank, making it more difficult for you to check on the condition of the tank.

What are the different filtering methods?

Filters are designed to clean the aquarium in different ways. A filter might cover all three methods or just one. As such, you have to look at what you want to filter to decide if you need one or more filters in your tank.

  • Biological: This filtration will take care of bacteria and other organisms, including converting waste into a less toxic substance.
  • Mechanical: This filtration is also referred to as physical and involves pushing the gallons through a strainer of sorts to get rid of small particles in the water.
  • Chemical: This filtration uses carbon or chemical resins to extract the various toxins from the water.
What can you look for when buying a filter?

You can look at various details to make sure you buy the correct filter.

  • Amount of water: Determine how many gallons you have in your aqaurium.
  • Type of filter: Decide if you want one or more filtration methods in use.
  • Filter location: Filters can be inside or outside of the tank.
  • Aquarium type: Buy a filter rated for the type of water you are using in the tank.
What is a Marineland bio-wheel?

A bio-wheel is a filter that is offered to help with biological filtration. This type of filter does not need to be replaced unless it becomes damaged. It improves over time because a culture of ammonia-neutralizing bacteria grows on the surface. The bacteria then helps to establish a better biological balance in the water.

Does the water type matter for a filter?

There are different types of water, including salt (marine) or fresh water that can used in an aquarium. The filter might be built to work with one specific type. If you get the wrong filter, it could make it harder to keep the aquarium clean for your fish.

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