What to Consider When Purchasing a Mega Man Soundtrack

Mega Man is a popular video game franchise originally created by CapCom and first released in 1987 for the NES. Since then, this game has seen over 50 different installments and spin offs for many different gaming systems. It followed the story of a robot boy named Mega Man, who was created by to scientists named Dr. Light and Dr. Wiley. When Dr. Wiley begins creating evil robots, Mega Man becomes a fighting robot in order to combat them and keep the world safe. The original game featured 8-bit graphics as well as 8-bit sound and music. These soundtracks are popular with video game fans, and some people also have them as collectors items.

What Types of Songs are On the Mega Man Soundtrack?

The original Mega Man soundtrack features the music played throughout the game.

  • It begins with the stage select music that plays while players choose their saved file and open their game. From there, it goes into the opening theme of the game.
  • After that, the soundtrack features the music behind the main stages and battles of the game, including the Cut Man Stage, the Guts Man Stage, the Ice Man Stage, the Elec Man Stage, and the Bomb Man Stage.
  • It also features music from boss battles including Dr. Wiley Stage 1 and Dr. Wiley Stage 2.

What Formats Does the Mega Man Soundtrack Come In?

  • These soundtracks mainly come in CD form. You can find a CD that contains the original soundtrack to the first Mega Man game, and you can also find sets that contain soundtracks from other CapCom games as well as other games in the Mega Man series.
  • There are some that have the Japanese version, known as Rockman. Some come with specialized cases or packaging that have images from the original game or artistic renderings of the characters.
  • Many of the disks themselves are also decorative, and you can find them with original game images or other colorful images and patterns.

What Condition are Mega Man Soundtracks Available In?

You can find these soundtracks in many different conditions. Some of them are available in an unopened condition with the original packaging. You can also find new but opened copies as well as used copies. For collectors or those looking to display the CD it is a good idea to ensure that the cover flap is intact and in good condition. For those who want to listen to the CD, it is important to look at the condition of the disk itself and ensure that it is free of scratches or smudges that could potentially affect the sound quality.

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