Meyda Lamps, Lighting, and Ceiling Fans

When it comes to lighting a room, your options include wall sconces, floor lamps, and ceiling lights that hang in the air. Shapes and patterns vary, with many patterned designs offered featuring images and geometric shapes. Meyda offers a collection of different lamps and lights in a variety of styles.

What are some of the different lighting models offered?

Lamps can be placed in different locations around a specific space. Wall sconces feature an attachment that has a flat surface, designed for attachment to a wall. Ceiling products in this collection feature multiple designs, with some featuring a single light while others feature multiple lights. For example, the Tiffany White Puffy Rose Semi-Flush style features three lights hanging from a ceiling mount. The Chaves Oblong Pendant features a single light that hangs in the air from a chain attached to a mount. Floor lamps come with both rounded and square bottoms. For example, the Tiffany 31120 Stained Glass floor lamp features a square bottom, while the Tiffany 65918 Single Light floor lamp has a circular bottom. The shape of the bottom of a given floor lamp varies on an individualized basis.

What different colors and styles are offered for lampshades?

Many Meyda products incorporate a range of stained-glass colors. Styles offered include images of nature, including insects and floral designs. For example, the Hanging Head Dragonfly Pendant features images of dragonflies along its bottom and a primarily green backdrop. Geometric patterns are also offered. The Tiffany Abilene Mission Southwest Wall Sconce features several colored sections featuring green, orange, and white. Certain models also feature individual colors. An example is the Tiffany 14363 Table Lamp, which features individual lights all in a pink color.

Are different-sized table lamps and pendants offered?

Yes, products are offered in a variety of different sizes. Table lamps are offered in a range of different heights, while hanging pendants also come in different sizes. For table lamps, one model that is 24 inches tall is the 78123 Elam Table Lamp. The Cherub On Swing Accent Lamp is 14 inches tall. Individual table lamps come in different sizes, varying by individual floor lamp. Pendants also vary in size. For example, the Hanging Head Dragonfly Pendant is 32 inches wide at its widest point. The Chrome Finish Butterflies & Ferns Mini Pendant has a diameter of 4 inches. The sizes of pendants also varies from product to product.

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