Michael Jordan Vintage Sports Photos

Michael Jordan Vintage Sports Photos

Michael Jordan is a basketball player who led several teams to NBA Championships, among other accomplishments. There are a number of vintage photos available of the basketball stars achievements. These range from his college years all the way to the NBA time with the Chicago Bulls.

Why are Michael Jordan photos collected?

Some would say that few players in basketball history have made as big of an impact on the sport as superstar Michael Jordan. This former Chicago Bulls athlete transformed the game and became one of the most recognizable black athletes of all time. Thats why people collect vintage photos of him. Other reasons that give his photos importance include:

  • Sports endorsements changed forever — When Jordan hit the world of sports, shoe sponsors quickly jumped on this Chicago Bulls player. While NBA players had gotten endorsements in the past, Jordans impressive game made him the first endorsement superstar.
  • Increased NBA presence — While the NBA went through a lot of ups and downs, Jordan electrified audiences around the world. His sports prowess helped make the Chicago Bulls a successful team and created a new world of NBA fame.
  • Sports photos became business — Jordans incredible sports ability and the way he transformed the game made his sports photos unique. They were available in black and white and in color, and they showcased him in many poses.
What types of Michael Jordan photos are available?
  • Black and white and color options — Many basketball fans prefer color shots over black and white. However, if youre keen to capture the action in the game, black and white shots highlight the action without detracting from the overall look. Black and white shots offer a classic look.
  • Action poses — Shots of Michael Jordan going up for a monster jam with a basketball are quite common. Photos of the Chicago Bulls beating competing basketball teams and winning championships with authority are considered great moments in NBA or basketball history.
  • Promotional shots — Images of Michael Jordan just hanging out with a basketball or posing with the Bulls are also common. They provide fans with a look into the world of this legend and his game history.
  • Specific game shots — There are few moments in basketball game history more remembered than the Flu Game. Michael Jordan was suffering from a severe sickness but took to the court and somehow led the Bulls to a win in a vital playoff moment. At the end of the game, Michael Jordan collapsed into his teammates arms.
How do you care for vintage photos?

Vintage photos should be handled carefully. Avoid touching the photos too much with your hands as the oils on hands can cause the photos to deteriorate. Store the photos in a frame or in a protective casing to shield it against direct sunlight and other elements.

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