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Military Jackets for Women

A military look can be protective when out for a hike with rugged gear or offer fashionable styling when walking the city streets. Women have an array of choices in military and military-style jackets, whether you're looking for authentic army surplus or a high-end, silky feel. Choose from an array of fashionable brands and sizes with features that fit your style and needs.

What are some military outerwear styles for women?

You can choose from military-style jackets that capture the adventure of military action through rugged adventures and outdoor actions, or you can also select military-style jackets that capture the look and feel of officer's uniforms or historical looks. You can find all sizes, from petite to plus-size options, in these styles. Some options for women's outerwear include the following:

  • Camouflage: Choose a casual camouflage style with lots of pockets, fastenings, and zippers for an adventurous military look. Some options have hoods and linings for extra warmth on the hiking trail or during a fun night out on the town.
  • Officer Jacket: These waist-length jackets include a row of fastenings that stretch down the front of the jacket in straight lines. Many also include embellishments on the shoulders and sleeves for an elegant look.
  • Navy coat: These naval looks often come in a dark navy or black wool or velvet with decorative gold or silver buttons. They are designed to add elegance to any sleek outfit or even a pair of jeans and a tee.
  • Historical: Capture the look of a general of the past with prominent buttons and ruffles with these options. These fashionable styles can have a steampunk look that makes a great pair with a full skirt, breeches, or a simple pair of jeans.
  • Trench coat: This option extends low with the addition of a belt. Available in plus sizes, trench coats offer a spy or military look.

What fabrics are used for women's military jackets?

Just as you can find an array of looks for women's military gear, you can also choose a fabric that meets your needs of the season or your outfit. Some fabrics for military style jackets include the following options:

  • Cotton: Cotton jackets include casual options, spring or summer jackets, and layering pieces. These options are available in khaki, olive, camouflage, and other armed-forces colors.
  • Wool: Add warmth to your look with a wool garment. Designed for naval-look and officer-style coats, wool jackets are warm, durable, and elegant.
  • Polyester and synthetics: Including an array of polar fleece and other synthetic options, these parkas can be worn for camping, hiking, hunting, or other outdoor activities. Featuring stylings like drawstrings, covered buttons, and multiple pockets, these options offer the utility of military clothing with an ease of care.
  • Velvet: These stylish options bring a military look to a fashionable garment suitable for an evening out or a special event. Enjoy crushed velvet or a soft plush for a comfortable, elegant look.