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Go Retro With Minolta Auto Focus Film Cameras

For a long time, film photography was the mainstay in the industry but had its limitations and downsides. Film canisters are often expensive and are only limited to 36 or so shots. You had to bring the film to a processor in order to get the film developed and old used film canisters often became contaminated, leading to bad pictures. But despite the improvements in both efficiency and practicality of modern digital photography, film photography is has made a little comeback in niche groups because of the novelty and vintage character of old-school film photos.

What Is Autofocus?

  • Sharp Subject: Getting a clear picture of your subject depends on the focus. When your subject is at the focal point, it is at the optimum distance at which the camera can focus on it. You can achieve this with zoom if you are too far away. Coming in too close will also ruin the focus, so stepping back a bit instead of zooming can fix the issue.
  • SLR Configurations: Most, if not all SLR cameras, have autofocus or AF. The autofocus sensor knows when a subject is out of focus when it receives an image split vertically or horizontally, meaning the image is blurry. The sensor will tell the camera to correct this, resulting in the sensor detecting one whole image and the image in the camera viewfinder will not be blurry anymore.
  • AF Points: Many SLR models allow for AF points which you can manually set in the camera controls. These are represented by reticles on the viewfinder composed of squares. These squares can be colored red to represent an autofocus point and that is where the camera will concentrate its efforts to make that part of the subject clearer.

What Are Some Notable Auto Focus Minolta Film Cameras Models?

  • 35mm AF-DL: This autofocus dual lens camera is part of the Freedom line of Minolta cameras. A light press on the shutter button engages the autofocus. The lens mode can be switched between wide angle and standard focus modes by pressing on the red lens select button. The camera also has an integrated flash.
  • X-700: As a professional film camera, the X-700 features a 35mm lens out of the box and was in production until the year 2001. It can use every manual focus camera lens made by the company since the 1960s.
  • SR-7: This is a single lens reflex film camera with a pentagon prism viewfinder and an automatic reset film counter. It has no meter switch, so leaving it exposed to light will draw current. It has a square style body and flash synchronization as well.