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Minolta Teleconverter Camera Lens

Whether you are standing at the edge of a canyon or are looking out to the sea, Minolta teleconverter lenses can help you magnify the image and capture objects that are a far distance away. They can also be used with a variety of mounts and can be equipped onto both film and digital devices.

How do Minolta teleconverter lenses work?

These are lenses that are designed to magnify your existing lens as they are fitted between your current lens and the body of the camera. These lenses help to increase the focal length of your existing one in order to provide a greater telephoto effect, which is a type of effect that results in an image that is magnified and a field of view that is narrow. A 2x teleconverter lens will double the focal length while removing two stops of light. The maximum apertures allowed with these lenses must be at least higher than f/2.8.

What are the different camera types these lenses work with?
  • Camcorder: This is a video camera that captures video in a variety of resolutions that can be further divided into standard definition and high definition resolutions. These devices store the video you capture onto removable media like memory cards or cassette tapes or internal storage like hard drives and solid state drives.
  • Digital SLR: This is a digital device that comes with both manual and automatic settings and has the ability to accommodate interchangeable lenses. These models store photos and video onto hard drives and memory cards.
  • Rangefinder: This is a device that is equipped with a rangefinder that will help you measure the distance from the lens to the subject of your photo, allowing you to take photos in sharp focus.
  • Point-and-shoot: This is a system that allows you to take a picture without needing to alter the settings beforehand. Most point-and-shoot models come with retractable lenses as well as a wide range of automatic settings.
Which focus types do these Minolta lenses accommodate?
  • Auto: This is a type of focus system that handles the focusing of the lens for you automatically before any picture is taken. In combination with the sensor of your device, a small motor will kick in and focus the device, which you will be able to notice by a small whirring sound along with your lenses moving towards or away from the camera body.
  • Manual: This is a type of focus system where you will be required to change the focus by hand. This system can typically be managed by a thin ring at the base or middle of whichever lenses you are using.
  • Auto/manual: Certain devices and teleconverter lenses are compatible with both auto and manual focus types, allowing you to switch between the two options at any time.
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