The Different Ways of Playing Monopoly

Since the beginning of the 20th century, generations of people have played Monopoly. In its earliest form, it was titled The Landlord's Game. Having gone through changes due to legal reasons, Monopoly has a long history of being the most widely played board game. Ultimately it became so popular that it spawned many alternate versions. Here is a look at the various Monopoly games for sale.

What are the alternatives to traditional Monopoly?

Being primarily a game for adults, there was talk of creating a child-friendly version. This led to the birth of Monopoly Jr in 1990. To make it appealing to children, the game is not based on real estate. Instead, it adopts a carnival theme that is easier for children to understand and enjoy.

Where jail is in the adult version of the game, in this version it's a café. In addition, free parking is replaced with loose change from Uncle Pennybags.

Like the standard version, the player with the most money at the end of the game wins. The junior version also starts players out with much less money than the adult version does.

Are there themed Monopoly games?

Due to the unprecedented popularity of this game, the original version is considered Vintage Monopoly. This is partly because there have been so many themed versions of the game released since the original that it is now a novelty item.

  • Fortnite: One of the most popular video games of today is Fortnite. To attract a younger generation of players, a version of Monopoly was created based on the video game. The game's standard cards are replaced with storm, location, and a loot chest. As a nod to the video game, its board game also includes health point chips. Players fight battles, claim locations, and do their best to stay away from the storm. With no money exchanged between players, the winner is the last one to still have health point chips in their possession.
  • Stranger Things: Based on the popular Netflix original TV Show, Stranger Things Monopoly sends players on a quest to find Will Byer. The game is set in the fictional town from the TV show. Along their journey, players swap not only locations but vehicles, too. In this version, the traditional cards are replaced with blinking lights and walkie-talkie cards.
  • The Simpsons: The long-running Simpsons TV show transformed Monopoly into a game set in Springfield. Of all the themed versions, the Simpsons game is closest to the original. Children and adults can equally enjoy this version of the classic game.
Is Monopoly available for different age groups?

Yes, you can find Monopoly games for ages 3-4, 8-11, 12-16, and finally 17 years and up.