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Motorcycle Helmets & Headwear

As far as extreme, recreational sports go, motorcycle riding is a past-time beloved by millions. Because motocross and motorcycle riding, in general, are such active hobbies, it is imperative to that a rider wear the proper safety gear. Motorcycle helmets are chief among the equipment that should be worn in order to give your head as much protection as possible.

How do I determine what size to get?

It is extremely important to measure your head correctly in order to ensure you purchase the correct size of helmet. To get an accurate head measurement, use the following procedure:

  • Take a soft tape measure
  • Assess the circumference of the widest part of your head (typically one inch above the ear)
  • Use the tape measure to measure one inch above where you first measured
  • Use the tape measure to measure one inch below where you first measured
  • Write down the largest between the three measurements. This is what you will want to use to determine your size.
What color options are available?

Most manufacturers of motorcycle helmets strive to produce a wide variety of color options. This comes as a direct effort to satisfy as many customers as possible. If you have a specific color preference, you will likely be able to find it among the hundreds of options. From matte black to red to yellow, there is something for everyone. The design qualities of some motorcycle helmets also include patterns, prints, and other unique aesthetics.

What are the different styles of helmets?

The differences in the style of some helmets can be drastic and essentially boils down to your preference. For example, you may be interested in a half helmet for the smaller size, access to mobility, and simplistic appearance. There are also full designs that will give you protection across your whole face. Other people may be searching for something that is a dual sports helmet that crosses motorcycle genres, from dirt bike to street bike. Everything is about what you personally want in the product.

What are helmets made of?

At their base level, most motorcycle helmets have the same structure. From the outside in, there is a thin, hard shell that is generally made of fiberglass, carbon fiber, Kevlar, or polycarbonate plastic. Then there is an inner layer that is polypropylene foam or expanded polystyrene. Most have a final layer of softer fabric with cushions in order to provide comfort while it sits against the head.