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Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycles helmets are available in many different styles, colors, and shapes. The one you choose should provide safety and protection. Here are things you need to take into account when choosing which one to purchase.

What are the different types of helmets available?
  • Full-face helmet: This offers the most protection. It wraps around the chin and has a shield that flips down over the face.
  • Open-face helmet: It covers the back and crown of the head and may feature an optional flip-down shield.
  • Modular helmet: This features a versatile push-button flip-up chin bar that converts the helmet from a full-face to an open-face helmet.
  • Dual-sport helmet: It features air vents and a removable shield, converting it from street to off-road.
  • Motocross helmet: Instead of a shield, this style features an opening for wearing goggles and a visor on the top to shield from elements like wind and debris.
What safety measures do motorcycle helmets have?

It should have one or more standard certifications stamped on the lid. One certification is from the Department of Transportation and indicates that it withstands drop testing. The Economic Commission for Europe certification, or ECE22.05, is adopted internationally and indicates that it withstands intensive drop and chin strap testing. The Snell M2015 certification means the testing is rigorous and is updated every five years. ECE22.05 is the strongest and safest certification.

How do you choose a motorcycle helmet?

If you are riding for long distances, comfort may be the most important feature. You should choose one that is light and filters out noise. If you want one that lasts season after season, you might a modular model that has a sun visor and air vents. If you use your motorcycle for racing and other sports, youll want to choose a model that has carbon fiber to provide aerodynamics and strength.

How long should a motorcycle helmet be worn before replacement?

If you have been involved in a crash or have dropped your helmet, it is time to replace it. It is built to withstand one impact. If it is more than five years old, you should replace it because the EPS liner has started losing its structural integrity.

What benefits do Shoei motorcycle helmets offer?

Shoei is one the most common brands on the market. Its models have advanced ventilation vents, pin locks, and mist-free CX-1 shield visors. They also have interior padding that reduces wind noise.

What benefits do Bell motorcycle helmets offer?

Bell has been making motorcycle helmets since 1954. They are common in the motocross circuit because of their many notable safety features. They have carbon-composite shells, which are extremely lightweight. In addition, they have Emergency Removal Systems, allowing for quick removal and preventing neck injury.