Native American Pins and Brooches

Native American Jewelry is a way for people to celebrate their heritage through ornamental pins and brooches. You can find a good range to choose from in a number of materials like native turquoise, sterling silver or inlaid with other precious stones.

What Material Should I Select For My Pin Or Brooch?

The material of your native pin will vary with price and can be selected based on your budget or preferences.

  • Turquoise: Turquoise has a bright aqua color and is a precious gemstone which can be polished to give a shiny look to your pin. Turquoise also has more meaning in Native American jewelry as it is believed to have a number of spiritual properties.
  • Sterling Silver: Sterling silver is a widely used precious metal in jewelry and pins. Sterling silver pins can have an inlay of other precious stones like turquoise or onyx. Sterling silver is a strong material and does not tarnish easily. It is also ideal for jewelry like a pin as it can be easily shined if it loses its shine over time.
  • Coral: Another stone for inlays in pins is coral which has a bright red color. It has been traditionally used as an inlay for turquoise Native jewelry for many years.

The History Of Native American Jewelry

Native pins have a rich history which dates back to the early days of the Native Americans. There are some key features of its history such as:

  • Shapes and symbols: Native American Jewelry often features symbols like a butterfly or a Thunderbird. In Native American Indian jewelry concho is common, as is the opal in southwestern jewelry.
  • Dating back to the first Native tribes: The traditional of jewelry making dates right back to some of the first Native American tribes and different areas had different specialties. For example, the Plains Indians traditionally were known for their bead work.
  • Pins and other adornments: A brooch or pin was popular among Native American jewelry, but other jewelry like earrings and necklaces were also made.

What Occasions Can I Gift Native American Jewelry?

Native American Jewelry is a celebration of culture and history and is suitable for many occasions. You might choose to gift it on the following occasions:

  • Birthdays: You can choose to celebrate a birthday with a gift of a pin made from sterling silver, turquoise or even opal. This could be a way to remind the recipient of their Native American roots.
  • Cultural gifts: If you have a visitor to your home or your home has special significant you could gift a pin as a commemorative reminder of the land and your visitors stay.
  • Family heirlooms: You may wish to create a family heirloom to rememeber your Native American heritage. A silver stamped pin inlaid with a precious stone could be a way to create an heirloom.