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Frequently Asked Questions About New Balance 2002R Women's Sneakers

What features can be found in New Balance 2002R women's sneakers?

The New Balance 2002R sneakers pay homage to the retro styling of the original 2002 model. They feature a chunky and bold silhouette that was common in at that time. For these shoes, New Balance has incorporated a mix of materials, including suede, mesh, and synthetic overlays, creating a textured and dynamic upper. The New Balance logo is clearly visible on the upper, and the tongue typically has a branding element on it, too.

How well can the New Balance 2002R women's sneaker cushion the foot?

This New Balance shoe is made with ABZORB cushioning technology, which has been designed to provide superior shock absorption and comfort. This cushioning material has been engineered to absorb and disperse the shock created by each step, jump, or movement. It's particularly useful for reducing the strain on joints, especially during high-impact activities. In addition, ABZORB has been designed with durability in mind so that it can maintain its performance over extended wear.

What are some of the available colorways of the New Balance 2002R women's shoe?

New Balance has released this shoe in various colorways, including some classic ones like Grey/ White/ Blue and Black/ White. There is also a fresh and vibrant option that pairs shades of green with white accents as well as multi-color sneakers that have unique and eye-catching appearances.

When did New Balance release the 2002R sneakers?

The New Balance 2002R sneakers were introduced as a modern iteration of the classic 2002 model. They made their debut in 2010, and the company has continued to release various versions in subsequent years.

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