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Nikon Rangefinder Film Cameras

Expand Your Photography with Nikon Rangefinder Film Cameras

When taking pictures, an essential part of the process is to gauge distance and put things in focus. This can ensure a crisper image and an incredible result. Nikon rangefinder film camera helps users take photographs.

How is a Nikon rangefinder camera different from other types?

These cameras are equipped with rangefinders, which are devices that can measure the distance from the unit to the subject. These cameras were common in the 1950s. Many of them use split-image rangefinders that can let the photographer gauge the distance as well as take focused pictures. They allow people to get more clear shots of nature, people, and landscapes that may be far away.

Rangefinder cameras do not use an internal mirror that flips back and forth as traditional cameras do, so there is less likely to be vibration when a picture is taken. These cameras may be small and light in comparison with other cameras made during the same time.

How do you use them?

In most cases, the operation is fairly straightforward.

  • Step 1: You look through the window at the top of the camera. This is not the lens, so the final photographic image will be just slightly different than the one you see through this window. This is called parallax error, and in most cases, it doesnt affect the image significantly.
  • Step 2: When you use the window, you may see two blurred images. To put the images in line with each other, you turn a ring on the front of the camera one way or the other.
  • Step 3: When those images are aligned, it means that you are in focus and can take your picture.
What are some examples of these Nikon rangefinder models?
  • Nikon S2 and Nikon SP: The S2 provides a 50mm field of view. The finder has a 1:1 ratio, which lets you view images and compose your shots without having to strain your eyes to see clearly. There is a single latch back removal and standard PC sync terminal. The SP is a 35mm camera and has six built-in frame lines, which is more than many models have. The window is nearly half the size of the camera face, giving you a large viewing area.
  • SP 2005: Nikon released a limited edition of SP 2005 rangefinder cameras in 2005. These use the 35/1.8 Nikkor aperture ring and have a multi-coating.
  • S3 Olympic: These all black cameras have an Olympic lens. It has some non-parallax corrected etched frame lines, and all of the frame lines can be seen at the same time.
  • S3 2000: A newer version of the S3 was released in 2000. A limited number were manufactured.
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