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Nikon SLR Film Cameras

FAQs About Film SLR Cameras From Nikon

Single-lens reflex film cameras give you the chance to take film pictures with your choice of lens. One of the earliest manufacturers of film cameras, Nikon, offers a range of Film SLR devices suitable for professionals and hobbyists alike.

What makes Film SLR different?

Film SLR uses 35mm film together with a single-lens reflex design. The 35mm film lets you develop your own pictures in a darkroom while keeping the negatives. SLR lets you use interchangeable lenses in different situations.

What types of SLR film can you find?

SLR film cameras have different focus types designed for different uses from indoor photography to outdoor shoots. SLR cameras can be divided into two subgroups according to the type of focus used in the camera body.

  • Manual: Manual focus gives you control over the lens using manual dials on the camera body. Lets say youre taking pictures of wildlife in a natural setting that you understand well. Manual controls let you focus on the details you want in that setting. High-end cameras of this type include the early F series and the F through F3 models. Entry-level manual SLR cameras include the EM and FG series. Midrange options include the Nikkormat and FM lines.
  • Automatic: With autofocus, your film camera knows how to read lighting conditions and surroundings. Lets say youre still taking pictures outdoors. Suddenly, a bird flies across your path. Autofocus lets you take rapid pictures in changing conditions that are too quick for the human eye to detect. High-end models of this type include the later F series, F4 through F6, as well as the Nikonos RS for underwater photos. Entry-level models of this type include the F-401 series and N50 through N65 series. Midrange options include the F-801 and F100 series.

What parts can you replace separately?

SLR cameras are meant to be taken apart and put together again. Here are the parts youll need to get your camera working:

  • Body: In many cases, youll want just the camera body without a lens. That way, you can use your own. In some cases, you may also find bundles containing lenses designed for this camera.
  • Lens: Nikon cameras come with standard SLR lens fittings. This means you can mix and match the body with various lens options for different situations. You can also find matching lens types specifically designed for your model of choice.
  • Connectors: In some cases, you may need bearings or other parts to connect the lens or other attachments. These parts are generally interchangeable.

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