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What Are Video Gaming Pins?

Gamers and fans of video game characters like Super Mario can choose to extend their love of gaming to merchandise branded with their favorite titles, characters, or even console logos. Collecting pins is one such hobby that anyone can get into and finding rare pins can be satisfying for pin collectors of any age.

Which Game Series Can You Find in Pin Form?

Nintendo offers a variety of pins that are categorized by the video game series they come from. Within each series, there are numerous types of pins in various designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. 

  • Designs featuring Mario are some of the most common that you'll see. These depict Mario from various games or doing specific activities, such as riding in a Kart or on a skateboard. They range from vintage to new designs. 
  • Zelda designs feature favorites from the fantasy-based NES game, including Link as well as symbols from the game and logos.
  • Options that feature Splatoon characters are brightly-colored.

What Are Some Pin Types?

Not all pins look alike. They are made from varied materials, shaped differently, and sometimes secure to a board, lanyard, or article of clothing. 

  • Buttons are generally round. They come in assorted sizes and have what's called a pinback, which is a vertical straight pin that hooks underneath a rounded closure to secure it. They're also sometimes called badges. 
  • An enamel pin is usually glossy and available in varied sizes and shapes. Some look like people, like Princess Peach or Mario, while others may be a symbol, like the crest of Hyrule or the logo for the Nintendo Switch console. They are typically colorful as well.
  • Solid metal designs are either silver or gold and generally, lack color. These designs vary and range from limited-edition options to branded models in addition to coming in a range of sizes. 

What Makes Collector Pins Collectible?

For gamers who love playing on the NES system, the SNES, or a variety of other consoles, what makes these pins special? How do you go about choosing where to begin or what designs to add to a collection? There are a few factors to consider. 

  • Promotional designs are difficult to come across and more valuable than other types of designs are. These could be advertising a brand-new game (or new at the time, as vintage promotional designs are often worth more) or a system.
  • A series, or complete set, is one way to collect multiple options at once. For instance, there's a series of Mario pins that features Mario in various poses and vehicles. The series are further designated by letters or numbers, such as Series A or Series 1. 
  • Special gold designs, such as the Super Mario Bros. 3 flying Mario, are part of a series of collectible designs that also includes Yoshi and Mario Kart Mario. 

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