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Nirvana Vintage T-Shirts

Kurt Cobain (1967-1994) is a legend in many peoples eyes - not just for being a rock star, but also for being a poet. Even after his death in 1994, he still manages to keep his fans love for music and his band alive. Although nothing can bring back the original band, many fans still wear the trademark black tee shirt that they bought at his former concerts or searched for in the most unexpected places.

Why is Nirvana Still a Legendary Band?

Theres no easy way to answer this because legends become one in their own time. Still, here are a few detailes that will give you an idea of how Nirvana began.

  • They started out as an indie rock band around the late 80s and signed with a major label in the early 90s.
  • It was also the time that their music started to ease in into the mainstream music scene.
  • The more concerts they played and the more tours they went on, the more merchandise spread out into the world.
  • Their fanbase is not relegated to hardcore rock fans only. Moms, dads, teenagers - almost everyone had heard Nirvanas music, especially their album Nevermind.

What Kind of Nirvana Shirts Can I Find?

The prices of the T-shirt can range from a low to high cost because of the rarity of the shirts. A Kurt Cobain shirt alone can cost a few hundred dollars, especially if its from one of their live concerts. Even so, there are Kurt Cobain T-shirts that are not as expensive even if they are vintage. Vintage Nirvana T-shirts come in all colors, designs, and sizes, which were mostly about their albums, Nirvana songs, or the band itself.

What Vintage Nirvana Shirt Designs Are Available?

It depends on whether or not the Nirvana tee you are looking for is still available. Most of them have the Nirvana Band logo. Here are some examples:

  • Slogans: You can easily find a black T-shirt with the \"Come As You Are\" slogan that Kurt Cobain was known for.
  • Utero T-Shirt: You can also find a Utero T-shirt from 1993, which is a rare because its merchandise from of the last tours.
  • Heart-Shaped Box: The 1993 Heart-Shaped Box Nirvana shirt is also a crowd favorite; however, it is one of the rarest finds yet.
  • Other shirts: You can also find other shirts from other bandmates like Krist Novoselic

Most of the clothing consists of short-sleeve shirts with a retro and punk design, which means that you can expect it to have screen-printed designs. Advanced forms of T-shirt printing werent available in those years.

What Materials And Cuts Were Used for Vintage Nirvana Tees?

Vintage Nirvana merchandise was common back then and so were cotton blend materials for shirts. Since these were tour merchandise, expect them to be a bit ratty in some places, but in good condition because they are from the dedicated fans of the band. Their graphic tees come in different shapes and sizes like:

  • XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Various cuts include long-sleeve shirts or sweatshirts.
  • The materials range from cotton to cotton polyester blend.
  • They also offered raglan design vintage Nirvana shirts, which was a common design.

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