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Set Nail Polish at Home With OPI Nail LED Lamps

With gel nail polish and an LED nail lamp, you can create long-lasting manicures. Whether you are polishing nails at home or in a salon, you can use an OPI LED lamp to cure gel polish in just seconds. You can find a number of affordable options for these devices either new or used on eBay.

How do you decide which nail lamp to buy?

Whether you're doing your own nails or someone else's, you want to create a smooth finished product. Choosing the right nail lamp can help you achieve the results you're looking for. When shopping for a new OPI LED lamp, be on the lookout for some of these features:

  • Auto shutoff: Some dryers, such as the GS900 model, turn on automatically when you insert your hand and turn off when you take it out.
  • Finger guides: These grooves help you know exactly where to set your hand while using the device.
  • Digital timer: A digital counter helps you make sure that you leave your hand under the light for the correct amount of time. Some timers are adjustable so you can select your preferred length of curing.
  • Manicure or pedicure options — Some used LED lamps, such as the GL901, have removable plates. You can leave the plate in place for a manicure but take it out when performing a pedicure.
Differences between dual nail lights and standard LED nail lamps

While some LED lamps use just one wavelength of light to cure gel polish, OPI Dual Cure LED Lights feature two different wavelengths of light to provide a proper finish for all gel polishes. For example, the OPI Dual Cure LED Light - GL902 uses both 365-nanometer and 406-nanometer wavelengths. The 365-nanometer light helps to create a shiny gel layer on the surface of the nail. The 406-nanometer light works to harden each layer of gel all the way through.

How do you match your lamp to your polish type?

Different types of nail polish require different tools to set them properly. OPI gel light kits are designed to cure most gel polishes. For example, the OPI Dual Cure LED Light can cure OPI GelColor, OPI Axxium, and other gel polishes. This type of nail lamp can set the gel polish in 60 seconds or less.

Before purchasing an OPI LED lamp, you should check the polish bottle to confirm whether you need an LED nail lamp or an OPI UV lamp. Most contemporary gel polishes work with both types. Keep in mind that standard nail polish requires the use of a blow dryer rather than a nail lamp.