Octane Fitness Elliptical Machines

Octane Fitness Elliptical Machines

Elliptical trainers give you a body workout that allows you to target specific muscle groups. Octane Fitness produces machines designed to develop lean muscle mass and assist with weight loss through a lower and upper body workout.

How does an Octane elliptical machine work?

Elliptical machines combine large foot pedals with ski pole-like cross-training handlebars. Moving on the machine simulates brisk walking or running with the added benefit of engaging the arms in the workout. You can exercise at your own preferred intensity level while keeping track of your progress on a connected monitor. Calories burned, time duration, current heart rate, and target exercise zones can be viewed while working out.

How does the LateralX machine work?

As the name suggests, the LateralX elliptical employs lateral movement in addition to forward movement. The adjustable lateral controls on the LateralX elliptical trainer allow for a considerable range of movement. By using LateralX to hit lateral directions, a fitness workout can be changed up. Changing the workout also changes the pattern of the lateral and forward movement of the feet and legs, altering the muscles being targeted.

How are the Q35 and LateralX elliptical different?

The Q35 is the basic elliptical offered by Octane Fitness. It is a standing elliptical with the standard elliptical path, and it comes with a simple console and only a few preset routines. The LateralX is a lateral model that has a longer elliptical path than the Q35. It has more features on the console and more preset functions. As a lateral elliptical, the LateralX places a different stress level on the knees and the back than the Q35.

What muscles does an elliptical machine target?

A workout on an Octane Fitness elliptical primarily hits the hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps, and calves. Lateral-movement elliptical machines target them at various angles. Do not forget the cross-training side. When including the Octane handlebars, the fitness workout also lightly stresses biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

What is an arc trainer?

An arc trainer is similar to an elliptical trainer, but the feet and legs follow a different motion path, moving in an arc pattern rather than a pendulum swing. The resistance and intensity can be increased which may appeal to those interested in reaching a higher heart rate.

How can you increase intensity on the Octane Fitness system?

The incline levels on the Octane Fitness version of an elliptical can be changed by selecting a different resistance level on the display panel. A higher incline adds to the intensity of the workout. Simply pedaling faster or employing interval training on the standard or lateral Octane Fitness system increases intensity and heart rate.

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