Olympic Torch

Outfit Yourself With Clothing and Accessories Featuring the Olympic Torch

Several months prior to the start of the Olympics, officials in Greece light the Olympic torch to signal the beginning of the Olympic torch relay. This relay continues until the cauldron is lit at the Olympic Games. If youre shopping for memorabilia from the Olympics, youll find new and vintage Olympic Torch items from various events on eBay.

Can you find items from different sports?

If you are interested in collecting affordable Olympics accessories dedicated to a particular sport, you may be able to use eBay to find items from that sport that feature the Olympic flame. Many sports that compete at the Olympics feature clothing that is specific to that sport. Some common sports you might discover during your search include gymnastics, equestrian, handball, taekwondo, speed and figure skating, and hockey. You can also find memorabilia commemorating the Olympic torch relay.

What types of clothing and accessories are available?

Manufacturers produce a variety of clothing items for the Olympics for both the athletes and the fans. You may be able to buy personalized accessories to showcase the team, sport, or historic Olympic flame graphics. Some common items you might find during your search are:

  • Hats - Hats may include the colorful Olympic rings, text denoting a particular year, or graphics depicting a specific sport.
  • Flags - You may be able to purchase flags from various countries that compete in the Games or items that feature these flags.
  • Shirts and sweatshirts - These items usually feature country or team colors and the year of the event.
  • Photos and postcards - These memorabilia may have scenery from a teams home country or from the country where the event was held.
Are products from particular Olympic Games available?

If you would like to collect things that celebrate a particular year of the Games, you may be able to refine your search to that year. Some common events that may have products are:

  • Sochi - These Winter Games took place in 2014.
  • London - London held the 2012 Summer Games.
  • Sydney - The 2000 Summer Games happened here.
  • Barcelona - Barcelona hosted the Summer Games in 1992.