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Olympus Cameras With a Half Frame

Half-frame cameras, such as those manufactured by Olympus, are designed with a way to shoot photos of people and objects at a close range and from a distance. Each camera has a round lens on the center of the frame, and a typical lens gives a photographer the ability to adjust zoom and range. These camera products can be used on the go because they have a convenient wrist strap.

What are the designs for different Olympus half-frame cameras?

Many film cameras are built with a housing that consists of two decorative materials. Along the top of most units, there is a smooth metal housing that keeps the flash hardware secured in place. Underneath this portion of the housing, there is a rough material that has a grainy texture. The color of both sections will vary as most units have two-tone color patterns or a design scheme that includes one solid color.

The button that shoots photos is mounted on the top of the housing in one of the corners. Controls for the zooming hardware are found on the lens housing. In order to adjust the range, you must rotate the lens until the desired setting is achieved.

What are the focus options and features?

Multiple cameras are engineered with focusing hardware that works automatically or manually.

  • Autofocus: Autofocus products have sensors that scan the surroundings in an environment. Whenever a camera is tilted or moved dramatically while an object or subject is centered near the lens, the autofocus hardware will adjust sharpness to enhance the focus.
  • Manual focus: Cameras with a manual focus feature have buttons that manage different focus levels. These cameras have multiple focus functions that help a photographer capture crisp shots of objects that are nearby or far away.
  • Fixed focus: Because fixed focus units have a lens that can't be adjusted, they're suitable products for causal shooting that doesn't require very close or very distant shots.

All cameras have a flash that goes off before each shot is taken. Depending on the hardware, format, and camera series, other features that work with the flash may also be included, such as a timer.

What are the lens options for Olympus cameras?

The lenses on different cameras have zooming capabilities that are ideal for close-up or long-distance shots. The main lens options are:

  • 20 mm
  • 40 mm
  • 100 mm