Letreros publicitarios originales

Add More Original Advertising Signs

Back in the day, a product was instantly recognized based on its advertising logo or sign. Vintage signs make for great collectibles, and if you are looking for something similar, eBay’s got you covered. eBay has a wide range of vintage advertising signs, starting from the pre-1930s to the current year. You can find original advertising signs by various brands on eBay, so you can select the one that’s missing in your collection. These signs are made of different materials, giving you a choice to pick the one you like. There is a selection of vintage store signs and antique signs available for you to choose from. Right from porcelain signs to vintage tins, there are various options available for you to explore.

If you are looking for advertising signs from the year 1930 to 1969, you can check out this link here:Original Advertising Signs (1930-1969)