Choosing a 40 GB Hard Drive

When your computer starts slowing down it could mean that there is a problem with the internal hard disk drive (HDD). The internal hard drive is responsible for your device's memory system, meaning it's where all operating systems, files, and softwares are stored. Problems begin to arise with the HDD in older devices, so it's important to understand you can simply replace the part that's beginning to wear down.

How Much Storage Does 40 GB Give Me?

  • The amount of storage that 40 GB will give you depends on what you're trying to store.
  • 40 GB will get you more photos than application softwares as the files take up much less space than bigger applications such as Photoshop or computer games.
  • 40 GB is a fairly small amount of space but will suffice for casual computer use such as surfing the web and checking email.

Can I Use an Internal Drive Externally?

  • No, SSD hard drives are meant to be used inside a computer only.
  • External hard drives are used to add storage to a computer via USB, and are a great and affordable option if adding storage is all you wish to do.
  • SSD drives are meant to operate inside the computer, and the interface cannot be plugged in using a USB port like external drives can.

What Are Signs That My Hard Drive Needs To Be Replaced?

  • When your device begins slowing down it could be a sign that something needs to be fixed or replaced, but it could also be a sign you're running out of memory.
  • A simple diagnostics check will determine if anything is inherently wrong with the hardware or if the drive is low on memory.
  • If your computer needs a new hard drive, make sure you purchase the right size and type of APA interface that it takes, whether it be a PATA, SATA or IDE.
  • PATA, SATA or IDE refers to the interface of the drive that plugs into the computer to make it run.
  • A simple search on the make and model for the manufacturer of your computer will tell you whether or not you need a PATA, IDE or SATA interface.

Can I Use a 2.5-inch Internal Disk Drive In a Laptop?

  • Yes, 2.5-inch is the ideal size for most laptop drives.
  • Larger drives are used in desktop and professional size computers, while smaller drives are used in small devices and accessories such as phones and tablets.

What Does RPM Mean?

  • Rotations per minute (RPM) refers to the speed at which the hard drive can process information and memory.
  • This speed will gradually slow down as the computer gets older.