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Choosing PENTAX 49 mm Lens Caps for Your Camera

Lens caps that are built by PENTAX can keep dust and dirt off camera lenses. These products can also protect the glass housing on a lens by preventing scratches. Lens caps by this brand are made in a variety of sizes and styles; here are tips for choosing one that's right for you.

What are the 49 mm product design options?

Lens caps are manufactured in different configurations, and each style provides advantages for general shooting routines. Types include:

  • A slip-on design: Slip-on lens cap pieces are constructed out of dense material that mounts snugly over a camera lens. Because the edge of the material rests firmly against the seams on a lens, mounting procedures can be implemented quickly. A slip-on piece is properly measured for a secure fit; it's not likely to slide off of a lens when a camera is tossed or handled intensely during shooting situations.
  • A snap-on design: Snap-on lens caps have an etched housing. The grooves help each cap snap into place on a camera lens. Although the etches provide a firm, secure grip, you can remove a snap-on cap by gradually lifting the edge of the housing.
  • A sturdy design: The housing material that's used to make many lens caps is engineered to protect the glass elements on a lens. Because the material on 49 mm lens caps is thick, it can block heat that could crack the glass on a lens housing.
What are the housing features?

Although most accessories are designed by PENTAX, many other manufacturers have worked with the brand in order to manufacture different pieces with specific design schemes. You'll find pieces that are developed by Honeywell, Asahi, and Takumar. Most Honeywell options are designed with a metal housing; these units have a solid black scheme with a thin, white designer trim. Asahi products have a similar design scheme that feature a metal housing that's black and white. However, you'll also find Asahi caps with an all-black housing and a snap-on design. Takumar lens cap units feature a slip-on housing. Generic caps are also available with snap-on or slip-on hardware featuring a black housing or a colorful design.

What cameras are the lens caps designed for?

These products are built for all cameras that are manufactured with a 49 mm lens. You can place these accessories on lenses that don't retract after the camera is used. The hardware features of the accessory won't impact the mounting process as each lens cap is specifically designed for a 49 mm filter.