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PENTAX Film Cameras

Go Small and Light With a Vintage Pentax MX

If you are a collector of vintage cameras or a lover of film photography, check out eBays selection of affordable Pentax MX cameras and accessories. A mechanical 35MM SLR or single-lens reflex camera and twin of the Pentax ME automatic, the vintage Pentax MX sold from 1976 to 1985. Its ultra-small build and precision mechanisms make it a classic for collecting or taking photos.

What makes the vintage Pentax MX collectible?

The vintage Pentax MX is a light and small SLR film camera that uses a unique shutter system that features a thin string instead of a shutter ribbon. It holds an iconic spot in the history of Pentax cameras and is said to be one of the top-performing small SLR mechanical cameras in the world. It was a mechanical equivalent of the automatic Pentax ME. You only need batteries for the light meter. Everything is manual, and there is no autofocus or autoexposure mode. Its manually operated features make it an excellent model for photography students to use to practice techniques. It is also known for its useful depth-of-field preview and self-timer functions.

How does the vintage Pentax SLR lens work?

A single-lens reflex camera, also known as SLR, the camera uses a mirror-and-prism system that lets the user see the contents of the photo through the lens. When using a twin-lens reflex and rangefinder camera, the viewed image can be significantly different from the actual image. On the SLR, the mirror flips out of the path of light when you press the shutter button. That lets the light pass through to the receptor and catches the image. The vintage Pentax MX is a mechanical camera.

What are some of the vintage Pentax MX features?

New and pre-owned Pentax MX cameras use 135mm film and employ a hot-focus flash as well as the following specs:

  • K-mount lens
  • 1.091 pounds or 495 grams
  • 135.8 „ 82.5 „ 49.3 millimeters
  • Shutter speed of 1-1/000s with bulb
  • Manual focus and exposure
What accessories work with a vintage Pentax MX?

The vintage Pentax MX offered a choice of nine focusing screens, including one aerial image and eight different styles of ground glass. Other accessories included the following:

  • Data backs: Dial data MX and bulk film back
  • Motorized winder: Winder MX (two frames) or Motor MX (five frames) motor drive.
  • K-mount lenses except for FA-J and DA lenses without aperture rings
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