How to Choose Window Treatments for Your Home

Window treatments, such as drapes and curtains, are an important part of a room design. Windows are a common part of almost every room in the home. Treatment options are available for contemporary and traditional home designs.

What are the different types of window treatments?

There is a large variety of treatments available. Understanding the difference can be challenging and confusing for some. The most common terms used to identify window decor are curtains, drapes or blinds. These all serve a similar purpose. They are different in characteristics. Here are a few characteristics of each:

  • Curtains: panels are made of fabric and usually available in pairs. Available in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials. Used to cover the window partially or in its entirety.
  • Drapes: this is a lined window curtain that is available with room darkening characteristics. Typically made of a material that is heavier than other treatment options. Drapes are available in many patterns. Paisley and floral are more traditional styles.
  • Shades: this is a soft panel cover or decor for window spaces. It attaches to the upper frame of curtain rods. They primarily fit inside the frame of the window. Shades are often used to create a blackening effect in the room.

What styles of curtain panels are available?

Curtain panels are available in many styles, patterns and textures. Kitchen curtains can be semi-sheer or fully lined to create the home fashion style of choice. Blue and white are common colors for window decor. Many available options have the tieback feature to open and close the panel. Here are a few available styles:

  • Paisley curtains: commonly used in living rooms or open spaces. Blue and silver paisley gives a traditional appeal. Floral paisley window curtains are available in a variety of colors.
  • Verveine: a room-darkening rod pocket curtain. This style is primarily available to fit window-top to floor.
  • Croscill: this option is available in a pole-top panel. Heavy in size with a traditional design.

How to choose curtains to match your home decor?

The biggest factor in fining curtains for the home is to find ones that you like. Next, you should consider the type of home decor in the space in which the curtains will be placed. Contemporary decorations pair well with sheer or linen valances. Grommet-top options have a soft fold at the top. Some treatments can be customized to add grommets after purchase. This option fits the contemporary or industrial look of a space. Elegant or sophisticated paisley curtains, such as the Ellis Curtain match traditional styled rooms well. Single curtain panel designs can be placed in a tie-back or fully displayed to blackout the sun or other natural light. Light filtration flows differently into different areas of the home. Those areas that receive full spectrum rays may be suited with heavier paisley styles. Here are a few things to consider when finding curtain panels for a space:

  • Make sure the header type in the space fits the selected style.
  • Thermal rod pockets are ideal for blackout effects.
  • Jacobean designs can be used to decorate traditional or renaissance spaces.
  • Polyester fabrics are simple and easy to clean. This material is available in basic gray, taupe, blue, and more.