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Park & Sun Volleyball Nets

How to Buy a Park and Sun Volleyball Net

In order to get a park volleyball game with some competitive players going, you need a net, and Park and Sun volleyball net systems come in a variety of sizes and styles to allow you to find one that matches your recreational tournament needs. When shopping for a net, take the various features of the net as well as its material into account.

What Features Should I Look For?

Volleyball net systems come equipped with an assortment of features, and the features you choose should match your playing habits.

  • Net Size: Volleyball nets vary in size, with most players opting for a regulation-size net. These nets are compatible with in-place net systems like those found at the beach or a local park and work well for volleyball-tournament play. Youll also want to consider the age of the players when choosing a net. 
  • Net Weight: Volleyball sets vary by weight. While this might not be of grave concern when youre planning to set up a stationary volleyball court in your backyard, it may become a crucial factor if your net is needed for on-the-go purposes, such as park practices. As such, think about the design of your volleyball net system and opt for one made from a lightweight material other than steel that requires little effort to tote around.
  • Adjustable Tension: Some volleyball nets allow for adjustable tension, and the tension of the net often predicts the trickle-over effect of a ball during play. Having constant, increased tension of the net can cause it to give out prematurely. Other nets might come with tension rings or poles that are telescopic, allowing you to lower or raise the height of the net to your desired specifications. Some net systems are designed to pop right up, while others are more complex and time-consuming and may require the use of ground stakes.

How Do I Determine Net Material?

Volleyball nets are generally made from either poly or nylon, so consider the benefits and drawbacks of each type. Doing so can help you to determine the right material for your needs.

  • Poly Nets: These nets are more affordable than their nylon counterparts are, but theyre generally not as sturdy. As such, they tend not to last as long. Poly is a weather-resistant material, making these nets well suited for outdoor sports in subpar weather conditions.
  • Nylon Nets: These heavy-duty nets have the ability to withstand wear. Although theyre not waterproof, it is always possible to add a weatherproofing material, such as NetSeal, for situations where you need to use your net in adverse weather.

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