Parts for Honda Civic

There are many Honda Civic parts that owners can upgrade, replace, or personalize. Parts are available on eBay Motors for both the exterior and interior of the Civic. These items can differ in how they help the car function and where they are located on or in the car.

How do you select the right Civic parts?

To find the appropriate piece, you will need the make, model, and year of the vehicle. When changing or replacing parts of the electronic system or engine, you may need to know the type of motor. With this information, you can select the component you want to replace.

When choosing the item, there may be equipment manufactured specifically for the Honda Civic. The label or packaging may state OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer. Other options might be non-branded or privately marketed items.

What Honda Civic parts can be replaced?

Like many autos, several features of the body, engine, and interior are replaceable. Some parts commonly changed out are:

  • Engine parts: Belts, seals, transmissions, and water pumps are a few examples for replaceable motor parts.
  • Wheels: Modifications can include rims or new bearings and hubs.
  • Brakes: Rotors can be upgraded or replaced along with brake pads and hydraulic fluid brake lines.
  • Exhaust parts: Honda owners may choose to have the pipes, exhaust manifold, or catalytic converter modified.
  • Headlights: Replacing the lights can be a necessity, or it can change the look of the front end for aesthetic purposes.
What are some of the electronic units available?

The Honda Civic has some electronic components built in the dashboard, interior cabin, and engine. Some devices that can be replaced or swapped out are:

  • Cruise control: This includes the interior switches and handles as well as the cruise controlling actuator and operational cables inside the engine.
  • Motor control: In many Honda models, the engine is electronically controlled with either a control unit or module. These devices monitor and manipulate the motor to gain optimum efficiency and power.
  • Power steering: There is a variety of electronic steering power panels. To select the appropriate version, you will need the Hondas model; year; body style, such as two or four doors and coupe or sedan; and the engine size.
What are some of the replaceable exterior parts?

Owners may replace or add pieces to the bodywork to enhance the appearance or improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle. Some common exterior components are:

  • Bumpers and spoilers: Bumpers help protect the body, and spoilers can change the airflow in, around, and under the automobile.
  • Fenders: Fenders installed over the wheels help prevent some debris and road grime from splashing onto the Civic. Mud flaps attached to the fenders may offer some added protection.
  • Tail lights and headlights: The lights can be switched out for different factory configurations and styles. Changing the bulb may adjust the intensity, glare, or beam.
  • Rims: Wheel rims come in a variety of colors, such as silver, black, or red, or a combination of colors. The patterns vary from simple lines to geometric shapes.