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Pebble Smart Watches

Pebble Smart Watches

A Pebble smartwatch essentially combines the features of a workout watch with a smartphone. In addition to notifying users of what their smartphones are doing, smart watches help in health tracking. Some of these watches also have GPS technology to keep track of how far you walk.

How does a Pebble watch work?

A Pebble watch connects to your Android or Apple phone via Bluetooth and has a battery life of up to 7 days before needing a recharge. The original model of this watch is available in three colors — jet black, cherry red, and arctic white — and the Pebble Steel comes in a black matte finish or stainless steel. There are also round models that look just like a traditional watch.

What are the benefits of Pebble smartwatch technology?

All software updates can be transmitted wirelessly to your Pebble smartwatch. The main menu allows you to scroll and select the app you want to use or the setting you would like to update. To connect the smartwatch to your phone, ensure that the Bluetooth setting is on. You can also set when you can receive notifications. Some other notable features of a smartwatch include the following:

  • Music controller that allows you play and manage music on your smartphone
  • Display screen that allows you control when and how the backlight is triggered
  • Factory reset applicability to restore factory settings
  • The Pebble app to download into your Android or iPhone
  • The charger that magnetically connects to the charging port below the back button on the left side

You can check sports scores directly from your smartwatch. You can also control your house, maintain your health data, and send or receive messages from the device. Some models also respond to voice commands and let you reply to messages by speaking them into the watch. With a weight of just a few grams, these watches are also lightweight.

Are Pebble smartwatches waterproof?

The Pebble Steel and original model are resistant to water up to 5 ATM. Thus, they can stay on the wrist up to 50 meters deep. As long as the seal is intact, your watch will be protected. If you wear your Pebble in saltwater, ensure that you rinse it with fresh water when you are done. This prevents the salt from damaging your smartwatch’s finish. The watch is able to maintain this performance even though it can charge via a USB cable. This is because the cable attaches magnetically rather than needing to be plugged in.

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