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Playmobil Castle

Playmobil was founded in Germany in 1974 and creates toys based on historical and updated themes to facilitate imaginative play opportunities. The Playmobile castle is history-based castles with knights and horses as well as feature fantasy sets with unicorns and dragons.

Do Playmobil sets have moving parts?

Playmobil sets have many moving parts, such as sliding gates, trapdoors, catapults, drawbridges, and breakout walls. Human and animal figurines also have moving arms, legs, and heads and can usually bend at the waist.

What are the materials used to make Playmobil toys?

The castles and figurines are made of plastic, wood, or a combination of both. The pieces are made using non-toxic materials.

Is there more than one Playmobil medieval castle?

There are three lines of Playmobil medieval castles. While many of the pieces are interchangeable, each set has items unique to that line.

  • Royal Lion Knights Castle:This set features the king and queen figurines. The castle has a breakaway wall, portcullis, defensive cannon, and drawbridge.
  • Hawk Knights' Castle: This set features a hidden staircase, trapdoor, and hiding place. Figurines and accessories in this set feature the red and black hawk emblem.
  • Wolf Knights' Castle: This castle has a secret passageway that leads out of the side of the castle to allow the knights to escape. Flags and figurines in the Wolf Knights' set wear the green wolf's head.
What are the different types of Playmobil castle pieces?

There are numerous kinds of accessories available for the various Playmobil castle sets. These include:

  • Figurines: These include both people and animals. They feature royalty, guards, and servants as well as domestic animals, such as horses, sheep, and cows. You could also have mythical beings, such as Pegasus, dragons, ghosts, and fairies.
  • Vehicles: These feature vehicles frequently found in castle environments. Each vehicle can accommodate at least one figurine. Some of the common vehicles include wheeled horse carts, boats, ships, and catapults.
  • Accessories: Each accessory works with existing vehicles and figurines to bring the story to life. These include various items, such as furniture, horse saddles, treasure chests, ship anchors, cannons, and knights' swords, and lances.
What accessories are available for the Grand Princess Castle?

The three-story Princess Castle features a grand staircase and locks securely with a golden key. Other items available in the Princess line include:

  • Royal residence
  • Royal birthday party
  • Princess chamber with cradle
  • Masked ball
  • Royal stable
What accessories are available in the Knights' castle series?

A variety of structures and figurines are available in the Knights' series such as:

  • Red timbered house
  • Secret dragon fort
  • Pottery
  • Knights market stand
  • Giant troll with dwarf fighters
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