Portable Clock Radios

Buying a Battery-Powered Clock Radio

Imagine your adventurous hike turning into a not-so-exciting situation where you are lost in the woods. You know youre not far from civilization but calling your family or a friend on a shortwave radio might prove helpful and get you out of a tight spot. In addition, these battery-powered radios arent just good to have in an emergency because they have many other entertaining features, too.

What Features Do Portable AM/FM Radios Offer?

These portable FM radios may be small, but theyre not short on power. They also offer a wide array of features.

  • Since they are clock radios, many have a built-in alarm clock, so no matter where you are, youll wake up on time or make it to an engagement or meeting when you need to.
  • Bluetooth features give your system wireless capabilities, meaning you can connect it to just about any device, such as a smartphone.
  • Some radios are water-resistant, so it wont matter when it starts to sprinkle or when you want to listen to your device while you sit by the pool.

Which Brands Make Radios?

You can select a radio by features or by type, or you can choose a brand that you like since many electronics manufacturers create battery-powered FM radios.

  • Midland makes systems with features like a backlit LCD screen, so you can see it even in low light, while a weather band alerts you when theres a storm coming. Some models even feature an AC option you can use when you dont have extra batteries on hand.
  • Consider a C. Crane option with a built-in speaker and antenna. The antenna allows you to zero in on a strong signal for clear reception, and its designs have numerous presets that you can customize with your favorite channels.
  • Like to listen to music while you bathe? Then Jensen models are the right fit. Its water-resistant, Bluetooth-enabled units dont mind getting wet and have an AM/FM tuner and a digital design.

What Signals Can You Get with a Battery-Powered Radio?

You may think of these types of tech as just a way to listen to tunes, but theyre much more than that because there are a few different channels and bands you can get from a device like this.

  • Not only are you getting AM and FM signals, but youre getting weather bands, too. This means you can always check the weather and know when an emergency is on the way and you should take cover.
  • You can find not only shortwave channels but longwave ones too, depending on what youre trying tune into.
  • You can also pick up DAB (digital audio broadcasting) channels and listen to audio in high definition.

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