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Power Quality Analyzers

Power quality analyzers are made by a variety of manufacturers. They are used to help identify power quality issues and potential energy waste. These devices have a wide range of available features, and they come in various colors and sizes.

What is a power quality analyzer?

A power quality analyzer is a device that tests the attributes of an electrical current. This type of test equipment is capable of determining the voltage, wattage, and amperage of a current to measure harmonics. An ideal electrical current has a perfect sinusoidal shape with no noise, and a power quality analyzer can be used by an electrician to make sure that a current follows these parameters.

What types of power quality analyzers are available?

This type of energy testing equipment comes in a few different forms. Here are a few of the common models of these testing meters:

  • Fluke 435-ii Series II: Fluke's Voltage-detecting meters are usually reserved for professional situations, and they are equipped with dozens of features. The Fluke 435-ii Series II is designed to be connected directly to a power line, and this device is rated to withstand currents of up to 600V CAT IV or 1000V CAT III. This instrument is capable of simultaneously measuring the voltage levels emitted by AC and DC sources. The Fluke 435-ii Series II is equipped with four flexible probes, and this device automatically records every measurement. This system includes a handheld device that features a detailed color display.
  • ACScout Power Quality Analyzer: This voltage detector is designed for either professional or amateur use. The ACScout Power Quality Analyzer does not have a display of its own and is instead designed to be connected to a Windows computer. This piece of test equipment comes with free software that can be used to view information captured from a voltage source.
  • Hioki 3198-01/500PRO: The Hioki 3198-01/500PRO is one of the instruments that is used by electricians. This device features a detailed color screen, and the Hioki 3198-01/500PRO can handle power levels of up to CAT IV 600V.
How do you use a power quality analyzer?

While specific usage instructions vary from model to model, these basic directions apply to many power quality analyzers:

  1. Connect your analyzer to the source of power. Be careful to only use equipment that is specified to withstand the level of current that you are testing.
  2. Use the readout on the device or the software on the connected computer to view information about the electrical source being tested.
  3. Carefully disconnect the testing system from the source of power, and stow the voltage detector in its case when finished.