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Boost Your Sound System With PA Speakers

Upgrade your sound system with one or more PA speaker sets. Add speakers and subwoofers for increased sound resonation in your home theater. You can also find portable loudspeakers and monitors here on eBay that produce quality sounds for wedding receptions, school plays, and band performances.

What power ratings of PA speakers are available?

eBay offers a range of PA speakers with different minimum and maximum power ranges to achieve your desired sound output. Here are some of the most common power ratings:

  • 550-watt continuous and 1100-watt peak loudspeakers: Several types of two-way speakers are available that produce sounds continuously at about 124 decibels.
  • 1500-2000W continuous power and 3000W peak speakers: The sensitivity levels of these PA speakers are about 105 decibels and will produce enough sound to at least carry through a small restaurant, worship house, or auditorium. Double up for even more sound capacity while minimizing distortion.
  • 4500 peak watt karaoke speakers: Two of these speakers will deliver the sound you need to a small crowd of 50 to 100 people or more. You can place additional pairs of two-channel PA speaker sets to create a surround-sound effect.
  • 3000 peak watt subwoofer: Produce bass in your automobile, small room, or another space at a sensitivity level of about 103 decibels. Combine them with PA speakers to generate a balanced, booming sound.
What could be included in a sound-system package?

It depends on the offering and whether it_x001A_s intended to play live or recorded music, but it might include active speakers or passive speakers and an amp. Some performance kits will enable you to combine both live and recorded sounds for any occasion. Affordable PA speaker sets often include one or more of the following accessories:

  • Microphones
  • Subwoofer
  • Class D loudspeakers
  • Stands and bags
  • Connector cables
Check out the features of DJ speakers

DJ speakers can include many of the accessories you would need to entertain people at a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or other party. They might have one or more of these features:

  • Bluetooth connection: This allows you to wirelessly connect to compatible Wi-Fi devices or media players, including some smartphones and tablets. It will help you instantly expand your music library and make it possible for you to honor most party song requests.
  • MP3 functions: It gives you a space-saving option in addition to or instead of carrying CDs, records, and other physical media. Use the MP3 player and available storage to fill your library with timeless, nostalgic songs people often want to hear. You can control MP3 functions with a volume button or remote on some models.
  • Removable storage readers: DJ PA speakers might have an SD or USB card reader. This makes it easier than it did in the past to transfer songs from one device to another for use in a large banquet hall or dance floor.
  • Remote access: You may not even have to stand behind your DJ station the entire night. Go wireless and mingle with the crowd if you want. This also could allow you freedom to enjoy private parties hosted at your home.