Pro Plan Dog Food

Pro Plan Dog Food

Purina’s Pro Plan wet and dry dog foods and treats provide a balanced diet for most dogs. With a range of flavors and combinations for dogs of different ages and dietary needs, there is a Pro Plan diet for your dog. Purina’s commitment to quality ensures that each Pro Plan variety has the balanced nutrition most dogs need, from puppies to seniors, toy to giant breeds.

What are the ingredients of Purina’s Pro Plan dog food?

Pro Plan brand dog food is made of a mixture of animal- and plant-based ingredients for a balanced diet of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. The primary ingredient in these dog food formulas is either chicken, fish, or beef. The balance of protein to carbohydrates is appropriate for most household pets.

Which Pro Plan variety is right for your dog?

While every Pro Plan variety features nutritionally balanced food suitable for most dogs, choosing your Pro Plan diet is best done in consultation with your veterinarian. To help you narrow down your options, here are the available lines of Pro Plan food and their basic characteristics:

  • Focus Puppy and Savor Puppy - Suitable for most puppies, these also come in special formulas for toy, small, and large breeds.
  • Focus Adult and All Life Stages - This range of food for adult dogs includes grain-free and sensitive skin and stomach varieties, a weight management blend, and toy, small, large, and giant breed formulas.
  • Bright Mind and Savor Adult - Suitable for all kinds of adult dogs, with special formulas for small and large breeds and weight management, and two grain-free blends.
  • Sport All Life Stages and Sport Active - Suitable for active dogs of every age, there are different ratios of protein and fat to build lean muscle mass, and a special grain-free formula.
  • Bright Mind and Savor Adult 7+ - These blends for older dogs include small and large breed formulas.
Is Pro Plan made in the USA?

Ninety-nine percent of all Purina pet food brands are made in the United States, and the majority of ingredients are sourced from American vendors. This ensures that Purina Pro Plan foods adhere to the highest standards of quality in one of the most regulated pet-food industries in the world.

How much should you feed your dog?

The correct amount of food to administer each day depends on the particular formula of Purina Pro Plan, as well as your dog’s age and weight. Each Pro Plan container comes with a guide for feeding. This guide should be followed unless otherwise advised by your veterinarian. Remember that too little food will lead to nutritional deficiencies, while overfeeding can result in obesity and obesity-related health issues.

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