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Race Tech Motorcycle Parts

Race Tech is a company thats committed to manufacturing motorcycle parts, including suspension, shock, and fork components for serious riders. The company is well-known for its step-by-step guidebooks and for how well the suspension equipment stands up against difficult conditions. Many people in the suspension tuning industry turn to Race Tech motorcycle parts when they want to get the most performance out of a bike.

What is the "Motorcycle Suspension Bible"?

Race Tech publishes and revises the "Motorcycle Suspension Bible" as part of its Motorbooks Workshop collection. Its a textbook written by Paul Thede. It offers advice on tuning for dirt, street, supermoto, and other types of riding. Lee Parks also contributes to the book. Hes known for writing "Total Control." If you need to look up motorcycle parts, this is a good book for you.

What comes with the Race Tech Kawasaki chassis kit?

Each plastic kit fits all 1998-2013 Kawasaki KX85 and KX100 bikes. These kits include all the following components so that you can rebuild the exterior of your motorcycle:

  • Front fender
  • Rear fender
  • Side plates
  • Front number plate
  • Side plates and shrouds
Do Race Tech fork guards fit Yamaha motorcycles?

All fork guards marked with the numbers YZ125 and YZ250 fit dual-stroke Yamaha bikes. The company uses the same specifications that Yamaha does when making them, which means theyll fit on any fork made from 1998-2004. Such attention to geometry helps in some other ways as well. Since these fork guards offer a generous amount of room underneath the assembly, you should find that they also work if you installed large custom shocks on the bottom of your chassis.

How does a nitrogen gauge contribute to motorcycle performance?

A nitrogen gauge can tell you how much pressure you have left in your shocks. Tuning the cylinders will then contribute to enhanced motorcycle performance on dirt, roads, or the track. Suspension specialist Paul Thede owns Race Tech and contributes his experience in this field to each piece of manufactured equipment. Thats why this companys dials tend to have specific markings.

What do preload adjusters do?

Some motocross experts aggressively attack hills by loading their springs so that they can get more air off them. Those who do this put little pieces of material between the assembly parts so that they can get the most out of the preload experience. Race Tech preload adjusters are tested with a wide variety of riding conditions, so theyll continue to provide top-notch performance regardless if they get muddied up. A simple suspension disassembly procedure is all thats needed to install these on any bike with a fork that can accept them.

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