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Rancilio Coffee Grinders

Rancilio produces commercial and personal-use coffee grinders designed with different types of features and functionality. The company also offers a variety of espresso machines with which to steam and brew coffee.

What are the different coffee grinders?

Rancilio offers the Rocky and Kryo lines of coffee grinders. The Rocky series includes the Rocky SS and the Rocky SD. The Kryo line includes the Kryo 65 and the Kryo 65 OD. Rocky grinders are designed to complement the Silvia espresso machine.

What are the Rocky SS grinder specs and features?

The unit measures 5 by 10 by 14 inches and weighs 19 pounds. The tinted hopper container has a capacity of 0.66 pounds. It is equipped with 50-millimeter commercial-grade burrs for grinding and a 166-watt, quiet, direct drive motor.

This grinder features a dose chamber designed for dosing espresso into the portafilter like a professional. This device also features micro-metric adjustments for grinding the desired particle size with precision. An easily removable collection tray is also included.

What are the Rocky SD grinder specs and features?

The Rocky SD model is built with the same dimensions and container capacity as the SS version. The grinding burrs and operation motor for the Rocky SD are also the same as those used in the SS model. However, this model grinds directly into the portafilter. The SD model is almost 4 pounds lighter than the SS version.

What are the Kryo 65 grinder specs and features?

The Kryo 65 is offered in semiautomatic and automatic versions. This machine measures 8.7 by 15.1 by 22.6 inches and weighs 28.7 pounds. The bean container has a capacity of 2.9 pounds. This device is offered in anthracite grey and is constructed of materials that include polyamide, aluminum, and an ABS polymer.

The device features 2.5-inch diameter mills and can grind up to 15 to 20 pounds per hour. The dose can be adjusted from 0.19 to 0.35 ounces. The patented grinder chamber features a cooling design that can reduce heat caused by friction while grinding.

What are the Kryo 65 OD grinder specs and features?

The Kryo 65 OD is the on-demand version of the machine. The device offers several operating modes, can be activated automatically, and grinds beans for an espresso in less than 2 seconds. A Soft-Touch panel offers user control over three pre-programmed dose sizes: single, double, or custom. The device is also equipped with a large digital interface so the barista and consumers can monitor the process in real time.