Red Dot & Laser Scopes

Red Dot Laser Scopes

Hunters and target shooters often mount accessories, such as a Red Dot Sight, to their weapon to improve their accuracy. The optional equipment uses a non-magnifying reflector or reflex sight that makes aiming easier. Because not all shooting optics are created the same, when hunters are shopping for accessories, they need to consider what they will use the Red Dot Sight accessory for, how many yards away they will be aiming, and what type of weapon it will be attached to.

How does a laser scope work?

Rifle accessories are added to a weapon with Picatinny rails usually included with purchase. Once installed on a firearm, the hunter lines up their eye with the magnifying accessory. A red light then appears on a target in the distance. The shooter can adjust their shot and then fire with improved accuracy.

What benefits are provided to the shooter by a red circle laser?

The most obvious reason to use a red laser sight is to improve accuracy for shooters. An additional benefit includes eye relief. Other types require the shooter to stare down a scope without blinking. Not being able to blink and having to stare intently down a red dot scope puts a large amount of stress on the eyes. Eye relief is provided by a red dot scope because the user doesnt have to stare intently and can blink as needed.

Do all laser dot accessories use the same reticles?

The reticle is the name for the red dot created by the sight. No, not all magnifying accessories use the same size reticle. The smaller the MOA size, the smaller the dot is on its target. In relation, larger magnifiers create larger targets. The most common size magnifying optics include:

  • 2 MOA
  • 3 MOA
  • 4 MOA
  • 5 MOA
  • 8 MOA
Can the red dot sight be seen by colorblind shooters?

Color blindness is a prevalent condition, especially among adult males. Many hunters who are color blind have a hard time distinguishing the color red. The inability to distinguish red from other colors can create a disadvantage when using a red dot rifle scope.

Fortunately, some reflex sights are created with a green, yellow, or white color. If a hunter cannot distinguish any of those colors, there are also shooting glasses and other accessories that can increase the ability to see the reticles.

What does my Bushnell sight require to operate?

The Bushnell sight is battery-powered. The type of battery required depends on the model, but they typically require a CR2032 Lithium battery.