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Redfield Hunting Rifle Scopes

Redfield Hunting Rifle Scopes

Part of the Leupold family of optics, Redfield hunting scopes have been providing hunters with telescopic sights in the field and on the range for over 100 years. These are quality scopes made with heavy-duty construction. Intended to address the need for telescopic hunting sights that can "go the distance," Redfield has teamed up with binoculars manufacturer Leupold to create a range of scopes.

What do the numbers on Redfield sights mean?
  • Magnification: The first number on the telescopic sights tells you the magnification. If it is a 3, it means you are going to see things three times as large with the sights.
  • Fixed power: A number followed by an "X" means that this is a "fixed-power" riflescope. Fixed-power Redfield scopes are a good choice for beginners.
  • Variable power: If there is a dash and then a second numeral before the X, such as a 5, your Redfield scope is "variable power." A telescopic sight designated 3-5X means that you can adjust it from 3-power to 5-power.
  • Diameter: The large number at the end is the diameter of the front lens in millimeters. The higher this number is, the larger the lens and the greater the ability to gather light. For example, a scope marked 3-5x50 is going to yield a brighter image than a scope marked 3-5x30.
What should you look for in a Redfield telescopic sight?
  • Weight: If you are lugging the riflescope up a mountain, or across miles of rough country, you may want to seek out lighter options.
  • Parallax: "Parallax view" is the ability to focus both eyes on a single image. When using a telescopic sight, parallax is the flaw that causes spotting the image of a distant object to seem to falter slightly.
  • Distance: If you intend to shoot at distances of greater than 100 yards, be sure your Redfield telescopic sights are set specifically for those distances.
Should you choose fixed or variable scopes for everyday use?

Both fixed and variable Redfield scopes have features to fit different needs. Fixed scopes require no adjustments. If you are going to shoot at roughly the same distance, at about the same sized target, a Redfield fixed rifle scope is an option. If you are going to shoot at various distances, a Redfield variable zoom scope is a fit for those activities.

What is the reticle of a scope?

The term reticle indicates the aiming point and target acquisition aid built into the telescopic sights. It is intended to assist the shooter in precision marksmanship. It may be crosshairs, also known as cross wires, or any number of other forms including dots, posts, or circles.

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