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Reebok Fitness and Running Shoes for Men

Frequent exercise, such as running, swimming, lifting, and yoga, is an important factor to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Reebok stresses the importance of an active lifestyle overall, and makes it easier to achieve with their quality athletic footwear. The variety of men's shoes offered at Reebok are designed for varying activities and purposes, and they come in many styles to help you find the right shoe.

How do you pick the right size running shoe?

To pick correctly-sized running shoes, measure from heel to toe with a ruler. This measurement will be more accurate if you stand flat against a wall with a paper under your foot, marking where the heel and big toe are. It is also better to do this in the evening because feet generally expand during the day due to increased blood flow. Then, use the Reebok sizing chart to determine the size that corresponds to your sizing measurements.

How do you clean Reebok running shoes?

Running shoes may track through mud, water, dirt, and more when you are on a run, especially if they are worn outside often. To keep Reebok running shoes in good condition and looking new, it is important to clean them often.

  • Brush off dirt: Brush dirt, gum, grass, or other materials from the sole of the Reebok running shoes with a gentle brush.
  • Wash: If possible, wash the insole separately from the body of the shoes. Mix a solution of water and dish soap and scrub the shoes with a brush.
  • Dry: Dry Reebok running shoes in the sun or in a place with good airflow. They will likely take a full day to dry.
What is Reebok Ultraknit technology?

Various Reebok men's running shoes are created with the brand's Ultraknit technology, which provides a comfortable and fashionable shoe that is good for a light, low-mileage run. This knit material is breathable for ventilation when running or when you are on the go. It also does not have seams, helping to prevent irritation and keep the running shoes tightly formed to the foot for support. The Reebok running shoes with Ultraknit technology come in various sizes and colors, including red, black, blue, and more.

What are some features of the Reebok Legacy Lifters?

The Reebok Legacy Lifters men's shoes are specifically designed for weightlifting in the gym, helping you optimize your workout and keep good form while maximizing comfort.

  • Lifting platform: The heels of these shoes are risen above the toe to provide the proper heel to toe ratio and support for squats and other similar exercises. This can help you maintain stability and proper form.
  • Velcro wraps: Two bands can be tightened over the laces of the shoe to help the foot remain secure within the shoe and allow for more stability and controlled movements.
  • Lightweight material: The upper shoe is lightweight and ventilated.
  • Tread: The rubber sole of the shoe is designed to help grip the lifting platform and gym floor surface.
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